Running Is Hard and That’s Why I Love It

As humans, we usually look for the easy way out. We want to know how to hack the system. How can I do this faster? How can I do it easier? How can I do it with the least amount of effort? When given the choice between difficult and easy, I think most people would choose easy. However, this is not the case with running. Running is hard and many people choose to do it anyway...


What to Watch on the Treadmill

Are you looking for something to watch while getting your miles done on the treadmill? These films are more than just good distractions. They are inspiring stories about everyday people training for and participating in endurance sports. Run along with these amazing folks and they will motivate you to finish strong.


Runner Mindset: Responding to Naysayers

Don’t let anyone disrupt your mindset. The foolish words of naysayers can silently creep into your mind and cause you to have doubts. Hold fast to your reasons for running and let them propel you forward.


Best runDisney Resources

Are you interested in runDisney? Whether you are new to runDisney or are a veteran Disney runner just looking for some new resources, this list is for you.


Using Visualization in Races

Staying motivated to do your best during a race can be challenging. Overcoming mental barriers is no small feat. Some runners use visualization during races to conquer negative thoughts before they even start.


When Pushing Yourself Is Worth It

I just wasn’t feeling it. My legs were heavy as I trudged along the side of the road. Why had I chosen to sleep late, instead of getting up and out on my run early as I had planned?...


When Slowest is Best

Some people assume that a runner’s best race is the one with the fastest finish time. That’s just not so. Sometimes the best races are the slowest.


Learning to Let Go

Sometimes I fool myself into thinking that I’m in control. I research and plan until my brain is tired. Once I have every eventuality figured out, then my anxious mind can relax. However, sometimes I come face to face with the reality that I am not really in control, like at a race recently. It was my first ever solo 5k and I was nervous. Every other race that I’d participated in, I had run with a friend or had family present to support me. This time was different;…