Facing Fear

Three months ago, I began writing an article about my experience running a half marathon on New Year’s Day. I never finished that article. The thoughts were there, but I couldn’t make sense of them or put them into words. Now, less than two weeks from my first attempt at running a full marathon, I am regrettably reliving feelings I experienced before that half marathon. It’s time to get some clarity.


Running Is Hard and That’s Why I Love It

As humans, we usually look for the easy way out. We want to know how to hack the system. How can I do this faster? How can I do it easier? How can I do it with the least amount of effort? When given the choice between difficult and easy, I think most people would choose easy. However, this is not the case with running. Running is hard and many people choose to do it anyway...


What to Watch on the Treadmill

Are you looking for something to watch while getting your miles done on the treadmill? These films are more than just good distractions. They are inspiring stories about everyday people training for and participating in endurance sports. Run along with these amazing folks and they will motivate you to finish strong.


Runner Mindset: Responding to Naysayers

Don’t let anyone disrupt your mindset. The foolish words of naysayers can silently creep into your mind and cause you to have doubts. Hold fast to your reasons for running and let them propel you forward.