Word Search Puzzles for Runners

I wondered whether I could create a word search puzzle book for runners. Could I come up with enough words? Just like with my long runs, I started slow and kept a steady pace. Words kept coming to mind. Over one-thousand words, and sixty-five puzzles later, the book is complete. 

Put your feet up and exercise your brain! Runners of all ages and abilities will appreciate the running-related words and themes in this fun book.

  • Large, easy-to-read size.
  • Interesting and challenging puzzles.
  • Great for calming nerves.
  • Solutions included.
  • Makes a fabulous gift.

Get ready to go the distance with Word Search Puzzles for Runners.

I hope you enjoy the book! There may be more puzzle books in the future. If you have ideas that you’d like to see included, I’d love to hear about them.